Foto: Tarjei Ekenes Krogh


Vilde Bjerke is born in Oslo in 1960. She is a celebrated artist, singer/songwriter and
novelist based in Norway. Her first album, "FAUN" was launched in October 2001.
The following year she published her first book "DU VISSTE OM ET LAND" (You knew
there was a land). Then followed the album "MOROVERS" (Rhymes and Rigmaroles)
in 2003, "ALENE" (Alone) in 2004 and "KYSS MEG" (Kiss me) in 2008.
This fall Vilde Bjerke also published her first novel, "FYRTÅRNET" (The Lighthouse).
Audiences and critics around the country embraced the album "KYSS MEG", first
launched on January 30th, 2008. The album was relaunched with a brand new design on
October 17th of last year, the same day as the novel "FYRTÅRNET" was released.
Vilde Bjerke has been a performer since 1978, and since 2002, it has been a full time
occupation. Since then she has toured the country with more than 400 performances
a year, many of them in schools and nurseries with her acclaimed show based on her
rhymes and rigmaroles. Vilde Bjerke also runs her own publishing house, VB Productions.
Her career now seems to take a new turn. Starting February 2009, Vilde Bjerke will tour
the country with her new band. The program will include hits from her latest album.

Vilde Bjerke has attended the Rudolf Steiner School , Toneheim High School and the
Music Conservatory of Oslo where she studied tenor violin. She also has a Master’s Degree
from the University of Oslo in French, Theatre and Literature. She attended courses at
the École Florent Theatre School in Paris and was a student of Asko Sarkola during the
production of “Hamlet” at ‘Lilla Teatern’ in Helsinki , Finland . She was also working at the
Orion Theatre in Stockholm for the production of “My Brave Mother” by Georg Tabori.
Vilde Bjerke founded the Theatre group ‘Compagnie Molière’, and has arranged courses
in make-up, costume and mask design. Vilde Bjerke has also been working as an actress.
She played the part of ‘Mrs. Ballon’ in director Bentein Baardson’s production of
“Peer Gynt” for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), and had a leading role
in the production of “Solmomentet” by Magnus Nilsson for Swedish Television, Channel 1.

Vilde made her debut as a lyrics writer in 1973, when she wrote the “Flower”, included on
the album “Blues for Pyttsan Jespersens pårørende” by Ole Paus. She was then 13 years
old. Vilde also collected the poems of Carl Keilhau, published at Aschehoug Publishing
House in 1994. With journalist Eilif Straume and Professor Helge Nordahl, she co-wrote
the introduction to the collected poems.

During 1999-2000, Vilde Bjerke was headmaster and piano teacher at Lillesand and
Bjerkenes School of Music and Culture (BLIM). She has also given piano classes at the
Moss Music School .

Bjerke was also member of the committees in charge of the following festivals:
‘Lillesandsda’ene’ and ‘Barnas Kulturuke’ (Children’s Cultural Week) in Lillesand during
fall 1999. The same year, she founded ‘Victoria Viseklubb’, and arranged several
concerts there before she moved to Lillehammer in fall 2001..