Foto: Tarjei Ekenes Krogh


March 27 - 2006:

Dear Vilde!
Thank you for a lively and very good performance. Your message came through with
vigour and a great deal of humour. The children travelled with you through your father's
life and work, and were all (70) inspired to become poets. After your performance,
they wanted to write poems, and we did. This is the one they wanted to send to you in
appreciation of your great performance. Good Luck!
Sincerely Yours, Betty at the Hesseng Flerbrukssenter, March 27, 2006

Nasses dag

Nasse går en tur.
Nasse blir sur.
Han går hjem,
og kommer frem.
Da tar han seg en lur i Karaffelland.  
Han går en tur til Vaffelvann.  
Da møter han en and på land,
og blir fanget av en annen and.
Han får seg fri,
og legger seg i sitt hi.  


May 13 - 2005:


Vilde Bjerke visited the northern part of Norway this year with performances for both
adults and children. Managing Director at the Folkeakademiet Hålogaland & Nabo i Nord ,
Anne Gerd Paulsen, expresses her appreciation for Vilde Bjerke's performances during
her visit, and strongly recommends her to other cultural organizers.

Performances for children

Vilde Bjerke's performances are powerful and comprehensible, and the children are
immediately drawn into her world of poems, fantasies, rhymes and rhythms.
The children engage easily in her playfulness and become a part of the show.
She draws from a considerable scale of artistic talents. She is singing, dancing, making
funny faces, talking vociferous, then whispering, reading for a while, then suddenly
introducing toys and dolls from her own childhood. But she also addresses more
sensitive topics that many children may identify with - like 'Surpompen", everyone's
scapegoat. Or she tells stories about fear of the dark, evoking frightening fantasies
among the attendants. Vilde has a thing with words; they simply drop from her mouth
like pearls on a string. And apparently without much effort, she succeeds in spellbinding
150 children for one whole hour; in it self is a complex work of art.

Performances for adults

Vilde Bjerke's performances for adult audiences are as good, if not better.   She catches
the audience's attention from the very first chord. We are especially fond of her own lyrics
performed in Norwegian. They are strong and endearing stories from her life, easy to
identify with. Her dialogue with the spectators in between the acts, strengthens the close
relationship between artist and audience, and gives the concert an intimate quality.
At times she laughs her heart out. She is playful, but also serious. Thematically her songs
revolve around the ups and downs of our lives, experiences of sadness and joy, desire and
pain, pleasure and affection. It is all treated with heart, with humour and seriousness, and
the atmosphere is warm. We feel more complete after the show, and nobody wants to leave.

A performance by Vilde Bjerke is highly recommended, for young and old. She is funny,
energetic, and has an illustrious storytelling talent. Her presence on stage is immaculate.
In addition to all of this, she is a good educator, and manages to take hold of the audience
from the very first moment, and hold on to their attention throughout the show, which is
always efficiently staged. She has the courage of being her self completely. She is confident
and experienced on stage, and we warmly recommend her to other organizers and

- Anne Gerd Paulsen, managing Director


Vilde Bjerke occasionally gives performances in colleges and high schools.
Read what the students have to say about her performances HERE.