Vilde Bjerke

Vilde Bjerke is born in Oslo in 1960. She is a celebrated and popular artist. She is an
experienced and confident stage performer, who gives around 400 solo concerts and
shows a year.

She is a singer/songwriter, poet, novelist and composer. She pulls together her very
personal shows, and travels near and far with her performances. She has her own publishing
house, VB Productions, that publishes her own books and CD's. She travels alone or with her
band, performing her own songs, but she can also be seen and heard with other musicians,
artists and bands.

The CD “Faun”-CD was released in October, 2001. Vilde made her debut as a writer in 2002
with the book: “You knew about a land,” published by Aschehoug. A second CD, "Moro-vers"
with rhymes and rigmaroles, appeared in 2003. Her album, "Alone", was released i 2004,
and her latest album ”Kiss me” was released in january 2008. In October 08, her new novel
”The lighthouse” will appear. The novel will be published by VB Productions.  

Vilde Bjerke has attended the Rudolf Steiner School , Toneheim High School and the Music
Conservatory of Oslo where she studied tenor violin. She also has a Master’s Degree from
the University of Oslo in French, Theatre and Literature. She attended courses at the École
Florent Theatre School in Paris and was a student of Asko Sarkola during the production of
“Hamlet” at ‘Lilla Teatern’ in Helsinki , Finland . She was also working at the Orion Theatre
in Stockholm for the production of “My Brave Mother” by Georg Tabori. Vilde Bjerke founded
the Theatre group ‘Compagnie Molière’, and has arranged courses in make-up, costume and
mask design. Vilde Bjerke has also been working as an actress. She played the part of
‘Mrs. Ballon’ in director Bentein Baardson’s production of “Peer Gynt” for the Norwegian
Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), and had a leading role in the production of “Solmomentet”
by Magnus Nilsson for Swedish Television, in director Lars Rudolfsson’s production for
Channel 1.

During 1999-2000, Vilde Bjerke was headmaster and piano teacher at Lillesand and Birkenes
School of Music and Culture (BLIM). She has also given piano classes at the Moss Music School.

Bjerke was also member of the committees in charge of the following festivals:
‘Lillesandsda’ene’ and ‘Barnas Kulturuke’ (Children’s Cultural Week) in Lillesand during fall
1999. The same year, she founded ‘Victoria Viseklubb’, and arranged several concerts there
before she moved to Lillehammer in fall 2001.

"FOR MORO SKYLD" (”Just for fun”) is one of Vilde Bjerke's most popular performances.

Since 1987, Vilde Bjerke has been performing for various audiences. She visits schools and
nursery schools with a one-hour performance based on rhymes and rigmaroles.

From the very first moment, the children are struck by her very personal style. Through
poems, rhymes and rhythms, the children and the adults are guided through a world of
where nothing is impossible, just as we know it from the amazing, poetic universe
of André Bjerke. She uses every part of her self, she sings and talks and uses her body.
Personal stories from her childhood  accompany the show. She also deals with sensitive
issues that the children
can identify with, and she brings along toys and puppets, moving
the audience to laughter and identification.  

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